Monday, August 27, 2012

Things that I hate in Nokia Lumia 800..

Ever since I got Nokia Lumia 800 I have not stopped admiring it for its cut finishing and smooth touch response. But there are few things that I totally hate. No matter how hard I try I still cannot forget the facts that few things are so complex , rather just not there!
I am a person who loves to change the ringtone everytime a new song is released. But that was until I got Lumia. This phone does not allow the user to set their songs as ringtone. I cannot say that it does not allow completely as we can set the ringtone through Zune.
Steps to set ringtone in Lumia 800,
1.      Start your PC and plug your phone.
2.      Start Zune and search for you song.
3.      Change its genre to ringtone.
4.      Go back to your phones settings and search for your song.
5.      If you find it there then you are lucky and can set it as ringtone.
6.      If not then you have to “understand” that the song which you have selected must have been greater than 1 mb. Argh!!!
Steps to set ringtone in any other phone
1.      Search your favourite song and go to options
2.      Set as ringtone!!!
Oh I miss my old phone for this simplicity!! On top of it I thought of ending this problem and creating my own application that would simply set the ringtone without going to zune….To my surprise the classes are not exposed, the music file is not exposed!!!!! Why on earth did Microsoft do this!
Another thing that I really hate is not being able to use mobile tethering or sharing the internet connection with other devices. After a lot of searches on forums I found that it is not a windows phone 7 problem as its not available only in Nokia Lumia 800!!
These are few moments when I hate myself for buying this phone. I am otherwise a Microsoft fan and a pro Microsoft person but few things like these makes me crazy.