Tuesday, January 24, 2012

To cut an image in Microsoft Expression Design

Expression Design is an amazing tool to create designs and images. However, people in the industry say it’s nowhere close to Adobe Photoshop. I would say though it is not as strong as Photoshop but it has some really cool features. We can very well design a complete site in it. I use this tool to design everything from e-cards to images for a complete website. Best part of it is to export the design elements in the form of XAMLs. We can very well copy these paths and create lite Silverlight applications which can be configured.

The only thing that I find very difficult to do in Expression design is cutting a complex image which is really very useful at times. I have tried a lot to do it many a times and end up going to a Photoshop guy to get it cut for me. But recently I have found a way to cut images in Expression design. I find it interesting and easy.

For example if you want to cut a bird from an image(I am using a nice bird wallpaper :)) you may do it the following simple steps,

1.       Export the image in Expression Design canvas. You may use Ctrl+E or simply drag the image on to the canvas.

2.       Right click the Pen tool to open up the various options available. And find the Polyline  or B-Spline tool. A Polyline will typically create straight line paths and the B-Spline will create curved paths.

3.       For now use the B-Spline and create anchor points around the desired object, in my case the bird. By this you are basically tracing the image.

4.       If you will color the traced path with a solid color it will look like this.

5.       Now choose an image fill from the color pallet.

6.       Click on the import button in the pallet to choose the parent image, in my case the bird image.
7. On replacing the image in it, the path will be filled with the image brush.

8.       Now simply adjust the image by giving transforms to the image brush.

9.       You may adjust the height and width percent according to your path. Adjust the X and Y transform to get it to the desired position.

10.   Export this and your image is ready J


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Great tutorial with picture about image cut our

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